How to Register and Book

Equine Learning has an online booking system where you can register as a client and manage your bookings in one place. There is also a booking app that you can download, with limited features. Please follow the instructions below to register and book in on the online system. 

Please note: you will need to register on the system before you can book online or over the phone. You will also need to contact the office initially to be added to group lessons or sessions (e.g. Pony Club, Inspiring Riders), so please make sure you read the instructions in point 10 below if you would like to join a group session. 

  1. To register as a client please click on the 'book now' tab on the right hand side of the page to access our booking platform. Then click on REGISTER / LOGIN under the padlock symbol. Then fill in your details and click on 'register'. If you are looking to book for a child, please add your details as the client, you will be able to add the child as a rider once your account is registered. 
  2. You will then need to verify your details. You will have been sent an email to do this to the email address which you used to register. Click on the link in the email and this will verify your account.
  3. Once you have verified your account you will need to add riders to your account. When you log into your account a box should pop up to remind you to do this through clicking on 'create rider'. You can also add riders through clicking on 'manage riders' button on your account dashboard.
  4. Once you have added a rider or riders to your account you can then book your first assessment lesson / session which is compulsory for all new clients.
  5. There are three types of assessment:  1. A horse-riding assessment lesson for people who want to learn how to ride. 2. Therapeutic assessment (Nicola only) for any clients who are looking for a therapeutic approach. 3. Trail ride assessment is for any clients who want to go out for a hack / trail ride. 
  6. To book an assessment please go to your account home page and click on 'make a booking'. You can then select the date that you want, click on 'private' and then select a time from the available times. If all of the times are showing in grey with a line through them then there is no availability on that day - you will need to go back to the top of the page and select a different date.
  7. Once you have selected a time and date you can add options on the next page. Please scroll down the page, select the coach you would like, the type of lesson, the duration, and if you would like to hire a hat. You can also add another rider to the booking at this stage.
  8. Once you have selected your options you can then press 'add to basket' on the basket box on the right hand side of the page. This will take you to a page to check your booking, from here you can checkout by selecting ' go to checkout'. You will then be able to enter your card details and confirm your booking. All sessions are paid for at the time of booking. 
  9. Once you have booked you can manage your bookings from 'lesson bookings'. Here you can cancel a lesson if you need to - please note our booking terms and conditions before cancelling.
  10. Following your assessment lesson if you would like to join a group, please contact us to be added to the group you were recommended by your coach during your assessment. Once you have been added to a group you will be able to book online. 

If you need any help with registration or booking please call us on 01564 642101 or email [email protected]