Loan a Horse / Pony & Sponsorship Programmes

Horse / Pony Sponsorship Programme

Our horse / pony sponsorship programmes assist with our sustainabily and offer our horses and ponies the extra love and cuddles that they deserve! 100% of the income from these programmes is spent on horse care (including feed, bedding, forage and staff costs), so by joining this programme you are helping us to care for our horses and continue our therapeutic work in the local community. There are four options which you can join: 

  1. Monthly Sponsorship Programme - £15 a month. Choose one of our lovely horses or ponies to sponsor, and you are are able to come to the stables on a Saturday afternoon, once a month, to visit and spend time with your chosen equine friend. You can learn to groom them and care for them supported by the Equine Learning team.. You will also receive a sponsorship certificate with a photograph of your chosen horse or pony and a rosette. There is no riding involved in this programme. 
  2. Monthly Riding programme - £30 a month. This programme gives you all of the benefits of the monthly sponsorship programme, with the addition of a group riding session once a month. The riding sessions are at set times each Saturday. 
  3. Weekly Sponsorship Programme - £59 a month. This programme gives you all of the benefits of the sponsorship programme on a weekly basis. Every week you can come and see your chosen horse or pony and spend time grooming and caring for them. There is no riding involved in this programme. 
  4. Weekly Riding Programme - £99 a month. Do you want to spend time with and ride your sponsored horse or pony every week? If so this is the programme for you. This programme includes a group horse care and riding session with your chosen horse or pony at a set time each Saturday. This programme is limited to one person per horse or pony. 

Terms and conditions apply to all of the programmes. If you would like more information about our sponsorship programmes or to sign up please contact us

Loan a Horse / Pony Programme

Do you want your own horse but you need some help, or you don't have the time to care for a horse or pony? Then this programme could be right for you. Our loan a horse programme fills the gap between having lessons and owning your own horse for more experienced riders. You can come to the stables spend time with and ride a horse or pony up to four times a week (terms and conditions apply) and we are here to help or give you lessons if you need us. This programme starts from £45 per week and places are limited. Please note: this programme is not suitable for complete novices, For more details please contact us.