Teambuilding and Leadership Days

"An uplifting experience in which I learned not only about horses but also about my own communication skills/areas for development in a positive way and in a comfortable environment." Wendy Parkes - Proprietor, Fine Food Emporium.


There are many formats to team building and leadership days but the practical use of horses provides a unique way to illustrate the effectiveness of individual behaviour and communication. Through work with our horses, participants gain confidence, self-awareness and more intuitive communication and leadership skills.

Our programmes are tailored to meet learning objectives for teams or individuals. We will work with you to ensure the design of the programme supports your organisational requirements and any wider workplace improvement initiatives. By working with you to gain this insight to structure the day, we can then work with you to devise relevant evaluation methods.

"The day was very challenging in terms of self-development. It gave me a great sense of achievement and ultimately a high level of confidence having gained such a result with a powerful animal." Lynda Holt - Managing Director, Dolan Holt Consultancy.


Our leadership course is aimed at team leaders and managers at all levels. It is an ideal way to provide a practical application and opportunity to reflect and reinforce the skills and competencies required of successful leaders.

"This is a refreshingly different and powerful way to explore communication skills, leadership and personal development. Working with horses in this way provides new challenges and learning opportunities for the expert equestrian and complete novice." Julia Randall - Director, Forward Training and Development Ltd

Team Building

For team building purposes our courses provide an enjoyable day out, in a different environment, which will focus on developing skills and a better understanding team dynamics.

"The exercises focused on body language, listening skills and positivity were a great way of demonstrating how to be more effective in a team, and gain a better understanding of colleagues or clients". Julia Randall - Director, Forward Training and Development Ltd.

The recommended maximum group size for this course is 8.

Courses are inclusive of refreshments, lunch, training and a 20% donation to The Centaurus Trust (charity number 1133212) to assist local disabled and disadvantaged children, young people and adults through horsemanship programmes. In addition, professional facilitation can be provided by our network of NLP trained coaches and trainers.

Please contact Nicola Hepburn [email protected] for more information on the programmes and to discuss how Equine Learning can support your coaching/training initiatives.